• In Memorium - Wall of Honor

    Stuart J. Alexander - March 11, 2009

    Lt. Stuart J. Alexander was intentionally struck by a fleeing felon during a vehicle pursuit, while deploying road spikes along SH 358, near Agnes St. The suspect driver had earlier physically assaulted another officer who stopped him for a traffic violations. After assaulting the initial officer, a vehicle pursuit of the suspect ensued and the suspect used his vehicle as a weapon against responding officers, ramming several pursuing patrol vehicles. The vehicle pursuit ensued for several miles before Lt. Alexander was struck by the suspect's vehicle as he stood in the grassy median; while deploying road spikes to disable the suspect's vehicle. The suspect abruptly swerved toward Lt. Alexander striking him before fleeing the scene. The suspect was later arrested after being shot by Sgt. Pete Muniz and Sgt. Israel Carrasco while the suspect continued to use his vehicle as a weapon against officers to escape capture. Lt. Alexander was 47 years old; a 20 year veteran of the Department and is survived by his wife, Vicky; his son Ben; three grandchildren.

    Mathew B. Thebeau - January 20, 2008

    On January 20, 2008 Officer Thebeau was responding to an assault in progress call at approximately 2:32a.m. He was traveling along SH 286 near Baldwin Blvd. when his patrol car struck a concrete wall and I-beam supporting a highway sign. He was ejected from the patrol car and then struck by another vehicle. He was transported to Spohn Memorial Medical Center, where he was subsequently pronounced dead. He was 25 years old and had worked for the department for approximately 2 years. He was survived by his parents and sister. 

    Juan Rincon Prieto – February 2, 1993 

    Sgt. Prieto was directing traffic at the intersection of Up River Road and Suntide, when he was struck and killed by a truck driven by a 35 year old male. Prieto was survived by his wife, two sons and two daughters.

    Joseph Daniel Bock – September 9, 1987
    Sgt. Danny Bock was attempting to stop a speeding vehicle. The driver refused to yield as Bock pursued for approximately 10 miles. Unknown to Officer Bock, the suspect had just been involved in a burglary. Bock confronted the suspect and a struggle ensued. The suspect took Officer Bock’s service revolver and shot him twice. Bock was survived by his wife and two daughters.

    Ruben Almanza – July 28, 1984
    Ruben Almanza responded to a call for an armed robbery at the HEB Grocery Store, located on Kostoryz at Gollihar. The suspect fled on foot into a residential area. During the foot pursuit, Almanza was ambushed by a suspect hiding behind a fence, and was shot and killed. The suspect was shot and killed by Officer Eric Wramp. Sgt. Almanza was 37 years old and had been assigned to the Special Services Division at the time, and had been with the department 9 years. He was survived by his wife and daughter.

    John William Sartain – August 20, 1971
    On August 19, 1971, at approximately 11 p.m., Officer John Sartain and his partner Gilbert Lazo were walking to their patrol unit to begin their tour of duty. A 16 year old sniper shot Sartain in the head. He was pronounced dead at 8:50 a.m. on August 20, 1971. Sartain was survived by his wife and daughter.

    Frank Dolan—February 12, 1960
    Sgt. Frank E. Dolan was travelling in his police vehicle, a 1/4 mile east of Orange Grove, Texas on Hwy. 624, when he lost control of his vehicle on a curve and was broadsided by another vehicle. Dolan died at the scene from massive injuries to his chest and legs. The DPS Trooper who worked the wreck said it had snowed that day and there was slush on the roadway. Frank Dolan was returning to Corpus Christi, Texas and was believed to be coming from Alice, Texas; where he often visited with area law enforcement officers to exchange information about local criminals, according to the Chief of Police.
    Sgt. Frank Dolan was a 24 year veteran of the Corpus Christi Police Department.

    Roy Newton Smith – April 16, 1953
    Roy Smith and his partner, Stuart Dowell, were responding to a fight call when their patrol car collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Staples St. and Lipan St.; both officers were ejected upon impact. Smith was pronounced dead at the hospital. Officer Dowell was not seriously injured. A Korean War Veteran, Smith was 22 years of age, and was survived by his wife.

    Joseph L. Moon – June 10, 1938
    On June 7, 1938, Motorcycle Traffic Officer Joe Moon was attempting to apprehend a speeding motorist on Timon Boulevard, when his rear brakes jammed as he attempted to slow down to turn onto Market Street. His motorcycle struck the concrete curbing and Moon sustained abdominal injuries from the handlebar. He underwent emergency surgery, but died of his injuries on June 10, 1938. Moon was survived by his wife and two children.

    Luther B. Prather – September 14, 1919
    Officer Prather was killed in the aftermath of a hurricane that struck the Texas Gulf Coast. He drowned as he and other officers attempted to rescue citizens. Officer Prather was buried in a mass grave with other citizens who were killed in the storm. The total deaths were estimated at 1,000 people. Officer Prather was survived by his wife.

    Elias T. Mussett (City Marshal) – May 6, 1892
    At the conclusion of the day-long Cinco de Mayo festivities, City Marshall Elias Mussett Jr. stopped to speak with a subject standing outside the Pancho Grande Bar on Leopard St. As Mussett talked with the subject, John Parker rode up in the dark to Mussett’s side; firing one shot from his pistol and instantly killing him. Parker fled downtown to the police station on Mesquite Street and turned himself in. Parker was charged with murder and his trial began within one day of the crime. Parker was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with hard labor in Huntsville, Texas at the Walls Unit. Mussett is the first In the Line of Duty Death of an officer in our department. He was survived by his wife and two children.

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